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"Lose yourself to someone that equally wants to get lost in you. Coz two lost souls surely find their own way."


I’m an outsider foodie by nature and an Entrepreneur by career. Being totally indulged in my work of IT, Food & Fashion, i never got time to do something like sharing or writing facts. (so here this website is for). My heart belongs to the City of Pink Panthers, Jaipur India. Read more


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4 fallacies about an Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle

From the outside looking in, entrepreneurship seems to be a five finger exercise. Today, Entrepreneurs are modern-era r...

The story of my Festive Muse || Behind the ready outfit

I realized the beautiful green hue that was spread all along my garden. The blooming flowers there and the fresh green ...

Jovial Spirit-an outfit for today’s woman

Where the women today are pursuing higher education, becoming doctors, lawyers, CEO’s and proving themselves better and...

The Gender Advantage – Misuse of Laws by Women

While we’re dwelling in the 21st century and proudly so, it isn’t the case for the hundreds and thousands of Indian wom...

Life of an accused inside a prison in India

The life of a prisoner is better than the life of an accused. Wondering why we are saying that. Then you have to read t...

10 Innovative methods to Reuse Your Mom’s Old Silk Sarees

We Indians love traditional things and does have emotional attachments with old things. When it is related to our mom’s...

How to enhance your look by teaming with accessories

How to enhance your look by teaming with accessories You can make your outfit look marvellous by just paring them wi...

Motherhood Is a Personal Choice: My Reasons for Choosing Not to Be a Mom !

I believe that Motherhood is a personal choice and not a biological obligation. When I was 25 I decided that I don’t wa...

Indian Judicial System – What’s wrong with it ?

The biggest democracy of the world is facing a serious issue among the basic pillars of any democracy. The Indian Judic...


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