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How to enhance your look by teaming with accessories

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You can alwaysplay with accessories like just add a monotone neck piece and sexy pumps to thelittle black dress and there you have a bold statement to make for the evening.Convert it into a day wear outfit for a business lunch just by wearing a stringof pearl and flats. Let’s go through some of the essential rules for stylisingyour accessories to bring out the best in your wardrobe to.

Less is more. Don’t overwhelm yourself by pilling upall the accessories all at once. Choose accessories that go with the outfit aswell as the occasion you are wearing them to.

• While wearingjewelry ensure you don’t stack necklaces, earrings, ring, and braceletstogether. Go for either earrings or a necklace with a simple bracelet or astatement ring but never go for both.

• In case youreally wish to wear a couple of jewels together, make sure they complement eachother and do not call for attention. Like you can carry big gold loops with a colorful scarf and a simple watch for a sleek look.

Go bold with simple clothes. Neutral clothing looks best when youteam them with bold accessories. Neutrals like black, white, beige, olive ornavy, gives a boost when paired up with colorful accessories. These colors gowith almost every bright hue, so you don’t stand a chance to go wrong. Just gothrough a few ways to add some life to your boring neutrals:

• You can aswell brace a red or hot pink belt with a sexy black or blue dress.

• With a khakior olive color, a splashy orange or yellow scarf will create the magic.

Over Matching is out. Never wear too much of a color. Too muchof the same color family can make you look old-fashioned or too childish. Throwthe right amount of balance between color and metallic to add glamour to youroutfit.

Play with color. A multi-colored dress can look moreunambiguous by pairing it u with one of the solid understated colors in thedress. For example, if you are wearing a red dress with a small woven pattern,you can wear bangles that match the green of the leaves.

You can alsoplay around with the accessories to bring together two mismatched pieces.Choose an accessory that has a color of the two garments, like a scarf thatshares a pink color with your top and beige from your pants. Herein the wholeoutfit looks to be crafted with thought rather than jusat thrown together.

Pick accessories that boost your features.Accessories add to the opportunity of enhancing your facial features. A goodchoice of accessories can make your shoulders broader, eyes bigger and necksleek. Give your normal clothes an extra edge. By flaunting the rightaccessories you can turn a normal sweater and slacks look more of a rock starfeel. You can wear these to sprinkle glamour to your ensemble. Look for somesale or promotion which is going around you, you will be able to save a goodamount of money. Visit JOVI Fashion amazing Store to grab some of the best deals in the market.