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The story of my Festive Muse || Behind the ready outfit

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“Everything is designed, but there are few things which are designed astonishingly well.” This quotation is just so perfect in reference to one of my gorgeous creation for the upcoming festival of lights. As an ordinary buyer or amateur, it is obvious to think on your part that what big deal a designer does behind getting an outfit ready or for what is he or she charging so much? Well, somewhere trying to answer these questions, here I thought of writing my journey of creating this stunning piece.

The Odyssey of designing an outfit starts with an inspiration. It is a common notion that designers are naturally talented. We are, no doubt but in the end, we all need the inspiration to design something creative and new. Inspiration can come from any painting, film, abstract concept or through some fashion show but then actually turning that inspiration into reality takes a lot of time and thought process. What inspired me for this dress is my love for nature. 

Just a few months back, when I was enjoying rains while standing in the balcony, I realized the beautiful green hue that was spread all along my garden. The blooming flowers there and the fresh green became my inspiration. I decided to create something as ethereal and happy as nature. Next morning, I sketched the evergreen straight suit with dupatta and then started contemplating the colors while sipping in the coffee at The Beanerys.  

I believe that color is often the primary reason why a person gets attracted and buys a product. So, while the green was always final for the kurta and pants, I chose a bright pink for dupatta. Where my green represented kindness and clam, my pink confirmed these traits by being the shade of ultimate femininity. The combo looked awesome, but just the straight suit with dupatta was not solving my purpose of a festive look. 

Demanding little drama (mind it little as I can't handle much), I ceased green raffles as the border of pink dupatta and adding to the celebration vibe, concluded with golden printed flowers on it. The dupatta looked like a complete highlighting piece to me. Now, amplifying the suit a bit, I settled on the hand embroidered pink flowers around the neck and sleeves and carved small pink potli buttons around the waist curves. The pink additions towards the end of the sleeves and at the neckline fulfilled my creation.  

Designing all this took me a week and then finalizing the material and getting it done, consumed another couple of weeks. So, almost after a month’s brainstorming, discussion, trials, errors, and hard work, we could come up with this mind-blowing gear for Diwali. There’s a lot Behind a ready Outfit, primarily there is a wish and vision of the designer to bring a spark in your looks and smile on your face.  

 The materials I chose for it are cotton and flax which are very soft, comfortable and easy in its characteristics. It’s a beautiful and perfect outfit involving a lot of details and efforts. Order it (in whatever size you want) and enjoy your Diwali in my JOVIAN way. :) :) 


Jyoti <3