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4 fallacies about an Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle

From the outside looking in, entrepreneurship seems to be a five finger exercise. Today, Entrepreneurs are modern-era rock stars. This new exposure has caused people to develop several misconceptions about entrepreneurs and their lifestyles. Not every startup is receiving millions of dollars in funding — most are bootstrapping and operating with a paper-thin budget. People think that entrepreneurs are their own boss, they can set their own hours, they can work from anywhere, they are never stressed, they have more personal time & the list goes on….

Well, that sounds so amazing…However, there are some misconceptions that like people think:

1. You’ll Work Less Hours

One of the most common phrases I hear from wannabe entrepreneurs who are currently in Corporate Industries  is, “I can’t set my own hours.” Though as an entrepreneur you can set your own schedule for sure and work from anywhere but you will find that you actually work far more hours than you would at a corporate job. Not only are you staying up late at work, but you’re typically up even before the time. If you have in a service-based business, your hours are centered around your clients, which means your clients set your hours.


2. It’s Easy

Entrepreneurship is rewarding and fulfilling for those who have a zeal for it. Though it is satisfying, it is hard at times due to several variables such as cost, lack of support, not knowing if your business will work, discouragement when something doesn’t work out, etc. To be an entrepreneur you must have thick skin. You will be turned down, you will be criticized, and much more, but you must push through to meet your goals.


3. You Can Do It All Yourself

Starting a business by yourself can certainly be done, but running a business by yourself is a recipe for disaster. Entrepreneurs have a hard time trusting others with their businesses because we take so much pride in them. In our minds, we believe we can do everything for our businesses better than anyone else, so we take on too many tasks. This causes several areas in the business to be lacking because realistically, you can’t give 100% to everything.

Trying to run every aspect of your business will cause your business to fail quicker than it started. Building a team is quite essential.


4. You’ll Have More Time for Your Personal Life

Unfortunately, in entrepreneurship, your business life becomes your personal life, especially in the startup stages. As much as we want to think that we can keep business and personal separate, the further along you get into your business, the more they become one.

Often, you will find yourself talking more about business to friends than anything else. You will work on your business Sunday morning when your intent was to relax. Entrepreneurship requires passion, creativity, and drive; is not for everyone, and that is okay.