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Jovial Spirit-an outfit for today’s woman

Where the women today are pursuing higher education, becoming doctors, lawyers, CEO’s and proving themselves better and efficient than man in every field, there is one field left which still has clear dominance of men, the field of harassment. Yes, in the wake of the recent #me too movement, I designed this outfit....

The story of my Festive Muse || Behind the ready outfit

I realized the beautiful green hue that was spread all along my garden. The blooming flowers there and the fresh green became my inspiration. I decided to create something as ethereal and happy as nature...

10 Innovative methods to Reuse Your Mom’s Old Silk Sarees

We Indians love traditional things and does have emotional attachments with old things. When it is related to our mom’s amazing silk sarees, than it just double up our excitement. Because we all love mum’s gorgeous collection of Silk sarees? But now she hardly wears them anymore, so what to do with those gorgeous pieces, I think we have just the r...

How to enhance your look by teaming with accessories

How to enhance your look by teaming with accessories You can make your outfit look marvellous by just paring them with women accessories like belts, necklaces, scarves, watches and more. The craze of accessories is catching the eye. Wear a simple white-tee and jeans, pair it up with a funky neckpiece, a broad belt and boots – voila you have tak...

Motherhood Is a Personal Choice: My Reasons for Choosing Not to Be a Mom !

I believe that Motherhood is a personal choice and not a biological obligation. When I was 25 I decided that I don’t want to be a mom. It was a matter of priorities with practicality. I wanted to have a good career, and simply couldn’t find fit to be in the motherhood big size shoes. Being a mother is not just about conceiving and giving delivery,...

Indian Judicial System – What’s wrong with it ?

The biggest democracy of the world is facing a serious issue among the basic pillars of any democracy. The Indian Judicial system is totally broken, yes I am saying with full research and facts. The ratio of judges & public is way behind from the ideal ratio. There are various commissions which had highlighted the need for a complete makeover of I...

4 fallacies about an Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle

From the outside looking in, entrepreneurship seems to be a five finger exercise. Today, Entrepreneurs are modern-era rock stars. This new exposure has caused people to develop several misconceptions about entrepreneurs and their lifestyles. Not every startup is receiving millions of dollars in funding — most are bootstrapping and operating with a...

The Gender Advantage – Misuse of Laws by Women

While we’re dwelling in the 21st century and proudly so, it isn’t the case for the hundreds and thousands of Indian women, especially those residing in the remote rural areas of the country, The picture isn’t always rosy for the one living the ‘so called’ ...

Life of an accused inside a prison in India

The life of a prisoner is better than the life of an accused. Wondering why we are saying that. Then you have to read this blog. By the end of 2014, there were 39,198 under-trial prisoners who were waiting for the hearing for more than 2-3 years of detention. ...